About The Docs

About The Docs

Drs. Kyle Zimmerman and Krystal Siminski are Chiropractic Physicians based in Michigan.  They work  nutritionally with patients focusing on sustainable weight loss through hormone balance, blood sugar balance and improving gut health as well as structurally for optimal function and mobility. As a dynamic duo, their integrative method of healthcare treats patients on all levels. They co-founded The Fiber First Diet and coach patients on sustainable weight loss through Food, Fitness and Fun. Their core belief is healthy living comes from the perfect combination of doing what you have to do and what you love to do. Their mission is to break complex health topics into bite-size pieces for better understanding and immediate implementation. You can find them simplifying health together on their YouTube series (Coffee with the K’s), through the blog or on social media.

It takes the perfect combination of doing what you have to do and what you love to do to really live a healthy life.

-Dr. Krystal Siminski

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We believe what you eat matters. The food you put into your body determines how you act, feel, sleep, look; everything! Our bodies are amazing and designed to feel good. We believe FIBER is key to health and is one of the most neglected food sources. Because of the lack of fiber we have more illnesses and pain than ever.


Diet and Exercise are not one in the same. They offer totally different benefits. It is not a choice; diet or exercise. Our bodies need movement! Approximately 3.2 million deaths each year are attributable to insufficient physical activity according to the World Health Organization.  And its as simple to fix as moving.


We believe laughter is amazing for your health. Who says we have to stop laughing and trying new things as we get older? We have vowed to never stop moving and doing the things we love. Its what fulfills us. Its what makes all the healthy stuff worth doing.


Out of focusing on improving our own health and lifestyle, Fiber First was born. People believe they are are just too busy to live healthy. Too busy, too stressed, too (you insert your excuse). And the information we now have access to is so complicated and contradictory at times, we knew simplicity was needed. People have lots of knowledge, but can’t put it into action. It’s our mission to SIMPLIFY your knowledge, SIMPLIFY your life and encourage you to put it into action.